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    Becki is a natural light photographer inspired by the grandeur and the whimsy of the Pacific Northwest.
    Specializing in high school seniors and weddings, and based in Snohomish County, serving Bellingham, Washington and the greater area.

Love = Dallas {Redding Portrait Photographer}

Our hearts are wrapped up in Dallas Rae. Literally. She moves, we react. She smiles, we melt. She talks, we talk back. She cries, we want to give her everything she wants. We LOVE her!!! We being her family. Being the first “baby”, she is therefore, the best baby we’ve ever known.

AHHH! It’s so hard to be away from her! It was already hard to live so far away from my family. But NOW. Double hard. Thanks Halley and Koby for procreating.

Jon and I went up to visit the Dallas (I mean, the family) before Thanksgiving. We went for a weekend. Obviously because I couldn’t TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! I needed a fix. This tends to happen to the best of us. She has this effect.

After you see these photos…I’m sure you’ll be sold. And beg to keep her!

Pause: I love how much she looks like her dad! I think it is so darling…I see so much of him in her face! I love to see parents in their children’s faces…