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“I’m so excited!” | Something Personal…

Our baby boy’s estimated arrival is 4 weeks from now…ummm…WHAT!?????

Totally feel ready, and totally feel NOT ready.

But in the famous words of my incredibly-famous-and-over-the-top-ridiculous-niece, Dallas:

“I’m so excited!”

Things I hope our kid inherits from us ( or NOT):

  1. Jon went to the ER more times than he or his parents can count (and probably refuse to remember), but has blood pressure lower than a dead person.
  2. I have a crazy obsession with cleaning things, a tendency to be anxious about all and calm about nothing, and the blood pressure of a 75 year old long-time smoker.
  3. We’re both first-borns…raising a first-born…this could get real interesting…I’ll let you know if we end up having a reality TV show.

We were wonderfully blessed to have Emily Faulknor {Brett and Emily Photographers} capture this precious time in our lives while they were visiting Redding.I told Emily that I had zero expectations for this shoot – I only knew that I wanted HER to photograph us, because it’s HER. Duh. Who doesn’t want Emily to photograph them? She’s always been one of my faves and is an incredible photographer. 🙂

She also captured some moments in our home, which was super special for us.

Taken at 29 weeks.

Brett and Emily Photographers

Brett and Emily Photographers

Brett and Emily Photographers

Thank you Emily! We love them!

P.S. There might be a few more baby posts coming up, as we get closer…:)