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    Becki is a natural light photographer inspired by the grandeur and the whimsy of the Pacific Northwest.
    Specializing in high school seniors and weddings, and based in Snohomish County, serving Bellingham, Washington and the greater area.

Brianne & Justin {Redding, Ca Wedding Photographer}


“The idea that “being in love” is the only reason for remaining married really leaves no room for marriage as a contract or promise at all. If love is the whole thing, then the promise can add nothing; and if it adds nothing, then it should not be made…A promise must be about things that I can do, about actions: no one can promise to go on feeling in a certain way. He might as well promise to never have a headache or always to feel hungry.” – C.S. Lewis

 I arrived at Justin’s at 12:30. As the Flock of Seagulls song “I Ran” played softly, Justin methodically ironed his shirt. We laughed at the song of choice for the morning of his nuptials, and he talked with me about his love for Brianne, how easy it was to be with her, and what a blessing this wedding was for both of them. Has it been stressful? I ask. He assures me that planning this wedding has been the greatest joy and they have been blessed beyond belief. He also said he didn’t want “blessed” to sound cliche.

But blessed is the most fitting word to describe their relationship culminating in their wedding day. I hope you cry with happiness for this couple…as I have. 🙂

From Justin to Brianne:

“You are God’s precious gift to me, my light, my hope, my joy, my peace, and my happiness. You are everything that’s good and pure and true and I worship you with my mind, body, and soul. I am blessed beyond measure to be your husband, to be able to love, honor, and cherish you for the rest of my days. C.S Lewis once said, “Love is not an affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained.” I commit all that I am to this, my goal. I vow to be there for you to rejoice in times of triumph and comfort you in times of tribulation. Surely as the sun rises and sets, life will bring times of light and darkness; but through it all, I will be right by your side and renew these vows everyday until the end of days.

Let us unite as one body, one dream, one life and journey forth as husband and wife.

I promise to be your true love, your sweet boy from this day forward and forever more, my beloved Brianne.”

From Brianne to Justin:

“Justin, you have added so much laughter and positivity to my life. You are my biggest fan, and my strength when I am tired and weary. You show me every day what it means to live a life of integrity. Every morning, I wake up filled with thankfulness for your love, and excitement for the life we are building together.

So today, I commit to live this life with you; to love you, encourage you, believe in you, stand up for you, and be your best friend. I promise to always communicate and be honest with you; to apologize, and to never go to sleep with angry, unspoken worries in my heart. I don’t believe that any life-long commitment is kept easily, but so far I have learned that with each challenge we face, we have come through on the other side with something gained, and a stronger love has grown.

I commit myself faithfully to you, through every joy and challenge, from this day forward, for the rest of my life.”

Dress: David’s Bridal

Videographer: Tyler Faires Productions

Florist: Mallery’s Flowers

Bakery: Cake is the Best Part

Caterer: Gafner’s Catering

Bride’s Hair: Summer Rowley @ Hair City Redding

Chairs/Tables: Snow’s Rentals

Design: Brianne (the bride!)