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    Becki is a natural light photographer inspired by the grandeur and the whimsy of the Pacific Northwest.
    Specializing in high school seniors and weddings, and based in Snohomish County, serving Bellingham, Washington and the greater area.

Brad & Rebekah: Engaged | Bellingham Wedding Photographer

Sometimes you know a person for awhile. You know their story. Then you meet their fiancé and you instantly know they were meant to be. This has happened to me more than once this last year. I met Brad the day before his wedding and in my head I thought: Yes, Bekah. This man fits you. I get it. 🙂

This post is long overdue, but their photos will always be some of my favorites. Their wedding and this day-before session took place in Redding, California. You can view their wedding photos hereBellingham Photographer_0362Bellingham Photographer_0363Bellingham Photographer_0364Bellingham Photographer_0365Bellingham Photographer_0366Bellingham Photographer_0367Bellingham Photographer_0368Bellingham Photographer_0369Bellingham Photographer_0370Bellingham Photographer_0371Bellingham Photographer_0372Bellingham Photographer_0373Bellingham Photographer_0374Bellingham Photographer_0375Bellingham Photographer_0376Bellingham Photographer_0377Bellingham Photographer_0378Bellingham Photographer_0379Bellingham Photographer_0380Bellingham Photographer_0381Bellingham Photographer_0382Bellingham Photographer_0383Bellingham Photographer_0384Bellingham Photographer_0385Bellingham Photographer_0386Bellingham Photographer_0387Bellingham Photographer_0388Bellingham Photographer_0390Bellingham Photographer_0391Bellingham Photographer_0392Bellingham Photographer_0393Bellingham Photographer_0394Bellingham Photographer_0395Bellingham Photographer_0396Bellingham Photographer_0397Bellingham Photographer_0398Bellingham Photographer_0399Bellingham Photographer_0400Bellingham Photographer_0401