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First I need to just get this out: Thank you, David, for trusting me with your senior photos!

Whew. Ok. Done.

My style tends to lend itself to the ladies, and I intend for it too, as I am a lady photographer and that’s me. But I was super excited to capture David. He was a rockstar. If all the senior guys were like him, I’d shoot all the guys. Forever.

Bellingham Photographers_0128
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Early morning? Check. Makeup in the dark? Got it. Empty streets of Fairhaven? Yep. Mom bringing us a round of Starbucks? The best.

Beautiful girl? These are the perfect ingredients for a good time with Emily, our cheer squad, and my camera. How do I describe this girl? One of the most beautiful faces I ever did see. I just want to be her. That’s all.

Bellingham Photographer_0084
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Sometimes you know a person for awhile. You know their story. Then you meet their fiancé and you instantly know they were meant to be. This has happened to me more than once this last year. I met Brad the day before his wedding and in my head I thought: Yes, Bekah. This man fits you. I get it.:)

This post is long overdue, but their photos will always be some of my favorites. Their wedding and this day-before session took place in Redding, California.

Bellingham Photographer_0362
Bellingham Photographer_0363
Bellingham Photographer_0364
Bellingham Photographer_0365
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Bellingham Photographer_0401

Two reasons I loved meeting Grace: 1) It was like getting together with an old friend, and 2) she had a fabulous car. Her ease, confidence, and poise with which she spoke only exclaimed: Hey World, this is me and I love it! Because of that, I loved being around her. And to think we had only met that morning. (Which is not my norm but we threw her into a last minute opening!)

Her session was one of those rare 7am-ers and she was a rockstar.

Bellingham Photographer_0043
Bellingham Photographer_0044
Bellingham Photographer_0045
Bellingham Photographer_0046
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