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    Becki is a natural light photographer inspired by the grandeur and the whimsy of the Pacific Northwest.
    Specializing in high school seniors and weddings, and based in Snohomish County, serving Bellingham, Washington and the greater area.

Sweet Laura…I don’t know another high schooler who gets as many positive compliments as Laura. She doesn’t even know it! When her name is brought up in social circles, it is not uncommon to hear “Oh, I love that girl!” Or “what a sweetheart she is!” And it’s all true. I met her and felt the same.

She is genuine and true and those are amazing qualities. Congratulations Laura! You’re almost done!

Laura, Senior Model

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Sometimes perfection walks towards you at Semiahmoo. And you think “Why you have to be so pretty?!” This was me about Natalie.

Some exciting news…You can also look for Natalie’s surprise appearance in the next issue of Bellingham Alive. 😉 Keep your eyes peeled and pick up a copy next time you’re in Woods…you might catch a glimpse of that beautiful face.

Congratulations on almost graduating, Natalie!

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Sometimes you save the best for last. Or sometimes you start strong with your best. 😉

My dearest little Kenzi-Cakes. (This is what I call her in my head.)

Kind. Generous. Funny. Easy-going. With a sarcastic wit like no other. And beauty that surpasses her striking features. Kenzi is real. Talented. And loved by a lot of people.

I was honored to get to know her this past year, to spend time with her outside of her senior session, and she is the first I want to share with you all from 2016’s senior season.

Kenzi, Senior Model – Class of 2016

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