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    Becki is a natural light photographer inspired by the grandeur and the whimsy of the Pacific Northwest.
    Specializing in high school seniors and weddings, and based in Bellingham, Washington.

As I prepare for the  2016 senior madness that begins each year between August and October, I cannot forget the last few 2015 seniors who so graciously chose me to spend time with them, capture them, and then post their beautiful selves to my blog.

Class of 2015: You are GORGEOUS. Every single one! And I can’t thank you enough for your time and trust and privilege of getting to know you.

One of those amazingly beautiful ladies is…Sophie. She captured many hearts with one of my all-time favorite images I have every captured…

Bellingham Photographer_0137Bellingham Photographer_0138Bellingham Photographer_0139Bellingham Photographer_0140Bellingham Photographer_0141Bellingham Photographer_0142Bellingham Photographer_0143Bellingham Photographer_0144Bellingham Photographer_0145Bellingham Photographer_0146

As their year has come to a close, I am finally wrapping up the 2015 senior blogs…with a few winners…

One of them being this guy.

Meet Denny. A few facts: Squalicum grad, going to Loyola Marymount University, and might be his dog’s biggest fan. He’s hilarious. I don’t know how else to describe him, except that I laugh out loud most of the time at all of his Instagram posts, when he impersonates famous people, and I don’t know one person who doesn’t like him or find him utterly entertaining. And he is one of the nicest guys you’ll know. I think he made such a perfect addition to the Senior Models this year as our first guy model…

He’s a gem. You should know him. It’ll make your life better.

Bellingham Photographer_0074Bellingham Photographer_0075Bellingham Photographer_0076Bellingham Photographer_0077Bellingham Photographer_0078Bellingham Photographer_0079Bellingham Photographer_0080Bellingham Photographer_0081Bellingham Photographer_0082Bellingham Photographer_0083Bellingham Photographer_0084Bellingham Photographer_0085Bellingham Photographer_0086Bellingham Photographer_0087Bellingham Photographer_0096Bellingham Photographer_0095Bellingham Photographer_0088Bellingham Photographer_0089Bellingham Photographer_0090Bellingham Photographer_0091Bellingham Photographer_0092

Sydney. (Insert a bunch of heart emojis.) They say you save the best for last, but I don’t believe that. She isn’t the best. She’s the bestest. And she’s not the last…

When she applied to be a 2015 senior model, I didn’t know that her face would one of those that helped define me as a portrait photographer and bring out in myself a new confidence. And I would have only hoped her beautiful face would explode on the model scene! HELLO! IT DID! She has now been published not only senior blogs, but wedding blogs, tv shows, online shopping boutiques, you name it.

This is only her senior session…where she got to be herself in all her beautiful glory. I am so thankful you’re a part of my life, Syd! And please remember me when you’re famous!

Bellingham Photographers_0028Bellingham Photographers_0029Bellingham Photographers_0030Bellingham Photographers_0031Bellingham Photographers_0032Bellingham Photographers_0033Bellingham Photographers_0034Bellingham Photographers_0035Bellingham Photographers_0036Bellingham Photographers_0037Bellingham Photographers_0038Bellingham Photographers_0039Bellingham Photographers_0040Bellingham Photographers_0041Bellingham Photographers_0042Bellingham Photographers_0043Bellingham Photographers_0044Bellingham Photographers_0045Bellingham Photographers_0046Bellingham Photographers_0047Bellingham Photographers_0048Bellingham Photographers_0049Bellingham Photographers_0050Bellingham Photographers_0051Bellingham Photographers_0052Bellingham Photographers_0053Bellingham Photographers_0054Bellingham Photographers_0055Bellingham Photographers_0056Bellingham Photographers_0057Bellingham Photographers_0058Bellingham Photographers_0059Bellingham Photographers_0060Bellingham Photographers_0061Bellingham Photographers_0062Bellingham Photographers_0063Bellingham Photographers_0064Bellingham Photographers_0065Bellingham Photographers_0066Bellingham Photographers_0067Bellingham Photographers_0068Bellingham Photographers_0069Bellingham Photographers_0070Bellingham Photographers_0071Bellingham Photographers_0072


She started my senior season last year. And I think of her often as the Class of 2015 is nearing the end…or is it the beginning? I could not have kicked off the Class of 2015 season or the first day of Summer  with anyone more perfect then Shelby. Congratulations sweet girl!

P.S. June is a fantastic month for portraits…the rich greens are gorgeous!

P.S.S. Jumpers are trendy and an awesome outfit option. Bellingham Photographer_0086

Bellingham Photographer_0040

Bellingham Photographer_0087Bellingham Photographer_0088Bellingham Photographer_00851Bellingham Photographers_0004Bellingham Photographers_0005

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