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Since I couldn’t save the best for last…When I came across her application and then met her in real life, I literally thought, “There is no way this girl would want to be a model for me. Not for me. She’s too good to be true.”

Dear Kelci. You are one of those celebrity-like beautiful people who captures the world with your smile, captivates us with your eyes, and is 100x better in real life. You’re genuine and kind. Funny. Easy to be with…and people love you. I could never thank you enough for being willing to share this model experience with me, and your senior year. WHAAAAAAAA?!


You’re a dream. So is that gelato from Sirena Gilato.

(I am floored she has a younger sister who I might hopefully hide away for myself for next year.)

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It’s finally raining. The quiet and rhythmic pounding of the water on my windows and pitter patter on the rooftop are yelling at me to slow down and catch my breath. Breathe. I can smell the wet dirt and the hint of smoke from the fireplaces. When I stand at my open front door, close my eyes, and take a deep breathe I can only think…this is home. No matter where I am, these smells and the moist air always bring me home in my heart.

Oh Pacific Northwest, how I love thee.

As I welcome the stillness, steady, and quiet pace of the winter months here in Bellingham, I start blogging again…meet Hannah, one of my favorite sunshine moments of summer. My absolute favorite part of my job is becoming friends with these fabulous ladies. Hannah, you are awesome and beautiful, and awesome.:)

Hannah_Bellingham Photographer_0002
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