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It’s finally raining. The quiet and rhythmic pounding of the water on my windows and pitter patter on the rooftop are yelling at me to slow down and catch my breath. Breathe. I can smell the wet dirt and the hint of smoke from the fireplaces. When I stand at my open front door, close my eyes, and take a deep breathe I can only think…this is home. No matter where I am, these smells and the moist air always bring me home in my heart.

Oh Pacific Northwest, how I love thee.

As I welcome the stillness, steady, and quiet pace of the winter months here in Bellingham, I start blogging again…meet Hannah, one of my favorite sunshine moments of summer. My absolute favorite part of my job is becoming friends with these fabulous ladies. Hannah, you are awesome and beautiful, and awesome.:)

Hannah_Bellingham Photographer_0002
Hannah_Bellingham Photographer_0003
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Hannah_Bellingham Photographer_0036

This was a special session for me…because Hannah is one of my little sisters.

She has always been a simple, elegant, and quiet soul; confident in herself, graceful, and obviously, VERY BEAUTIFUL! I am not that surprised, but I’m shocked.  There were many moments as I went through her images where I saw that same curly-blonde (she was blonde once!) tiny 3 year old smiling at me. I am reminded how time flies and life just keeps moving. She grew up before we realized she was grown up. And here she is…

We all love you Hannah!

(MUA: Love Beauty Bellingham.)

Bellingham Photographer_0011
Bellingham Photographer_0010
Bellingham Photographer_0009
Bellingham Photographer_0013
Bellingham Photographer_0012
Bellingham Photographer_0018
Bellingham Photographer_0017
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Bellingham Photographer_0002
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Bellingham Photographer_0031
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Bellingham Photographer_0019

  • Becki - Thank you Wendy! I just saw this comment! Hannah is amazing and all those things are true about her!

  • Becki - Thank you Ashley!

Early in the New Year and those pre-Spring months before our glorious Summers comes some of the most torrential weather. Ever. Living in the Upper West USA for a little over a year now has taught me this much. When you wake in the morning to that beautiful sun peeking through your shades, you just might be screaming for it to return as it hides behind dark clouds at sunset. Bellingham has stretched me in more ways than I can count, but as a photographer…wowza. I am learning to jump in with both feet. Go for the Gold. Steal the bacon. You can either be frustrated by this crazy weather. Or completely embrace it. I have been inspired by it!

And Sean and Kalahan gave it a giant bear hug.

First of all, Kalahan and I have been Facebook/Instagram buddies for years, but never met until last Fall. She drove to Bellingham with a friend, spent the night, and asked me to shoot her wedding. All on the first day. I knew we’d be friends for life. I could only imagine that Sean must be some kind of special if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. The two of them are awesome! I appreciate their love for each other, the way they love the Lord first and foremost, and their willingness to just go with it…and by that…they were willing to go out in the pouring rain (and I mean RAIN) and let it inspire us…

Bellingham Wedding Photographer_0001
Bellingham Wedding Photographer_0002

Bellingham Wedding Photographer_0003
Bellingham Wedding Photographer_0004
Bellingham Wedding Photographer_0005
Bellingham Wedding Photographer_0006
Bellingham Wedding Photographer_0007
Bellingham Wedding Photographer_0008
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Bellingham Wedding Photographer_0010


Way back in November 2013, I put out a model call asking for girls who would be graduating in 2015 to represent my business in our city. It’s always a gutsy move, especially when you are virtually an unknown in a new place, and are asking others to take a risk on you. What if no one applies? What is they think this is totally lame? What if they think I am totally lame?

But then…what are risks, if no one takes them? And thankfully, senior girls applied! I could not have hand picked them better. They are truly amazing. Not only beautiful, but kind, leaders in their schools, and loved by many.

I have been itching to share these girls with the rest of the world!

This incredible group of 5 ladies from Squalicum High School and Bellingham High School are a perfect bundle of Becki Walker. They inspired me by their excitement and willingness to jump right into whatever crazy ideas I threw at them. We shot this in February when the Pacific Northwest rears it’s ugly head and throws some of the it’s finest weather up here at us poor folk. And that weekend it did not hold back! It rained, snowed, and hailed on us that afternoon and did I mentioned it was 30 degrees? The wind kicked up for a second near the end, and the fire almost bit us. But everyone survived!

We’re hard core up here in the Upper Left USA. I’d say we rocked it.


2015 Models_0001
2015 Models_0002
2015 Models_0003
2015 Models_0004
2015 Models_0005
2015 Models_0006
2015 Models_0007
2015 Models_0008
2015 Models_0009
2015 Models_0010
2015 Models_0011
2015 Models_0012
2015 Models_0013
2015 Models_0014
2015 Models_0015
2015 Models_0016
2015 Models_0017
2015 Models_0018
2015 Models_0019
2015 Models_0020
2015 Models_0021
2015 Models_0022
2015 Models_0023
2015 Models_0024
2015 Models_0025
2015 Models_0026
2015 Models_0027
2015 Models_0028
2015 Models_0029
2015 Models_0030
2015 Models_0031
2015 Models_0032
2015 Models_0033
2015 Models_0034
2015 Models_0035
2015 Models_0036
2015 Models_0037
2015 Models_0038
2015 Models_0039
2015 Models_0040
2015 Models_0041
2015 Models_0042
2015 Models_0043
2015 Models_0044
2015 Models_0046
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2015 Models_0049
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