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    Becki is a natural light photographer inspired by the grandeur and the whimsy of the Pacific Northwest.
    Specializing in high school seniors and weddings, and based in Snohomish County, serving Bellingham, Washington and the greater area.

2014: Thank you| Bellingham Photographers

This year has been a whirlwind. Whirlwind of wonderfulness, change, success, and crazy-ness. Because 2014 was a milestone year for us in so many ways.

I call this year the year of the traveling Walkers. Since we moved to Washington 25 months ago, we have flown 13 times back to California (and this doesn’t include the 5 trips we’ve taken in the car!). And every time, we brought Reed. Because we’re a team, he’s a beast, and we can’t live without him.

So to those who’ve we met once, and to those we’ve known for years. To my clients who’ve become my friends, and to almost clients who became friends (it’s true!):

Thank you for investing in me. For trusting me with the opportunity to capture you, your family, or your wedding day. You have given me such a great gift. I have learned something new from each of you! My business was never about me. But it has always been about you. The desire to meet you, the relationships that have formed, and the joy I receive from knowing you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So from my family to yours: Merry Christmas!

(My brother, also my second shooter, took these! I have been teaching him my tricks and he’s turning into quite the talented guy.)

Bellingham Photographers_0216Bellingham Photographers_0217Bellingham Photographers_0218Bellingham Photographers_0219Bellingham Photographers_0220Bellingham Photographers_0221Bellingham Photographers_0222Bellingham Photographers_0223Bellingham Photographers_0224Bellingham Photographers_0225Bellingham Photographers_0226Bellingham Photographers_0227Bellingham Photographers_0228Bellingham Photographers_0229Bellingham Photographers_0230Bellingham Photographers_0231Bellingham Photographers_0232Bellingham Photographers_0233Bellingham Photographers_0234Bellingham Photographers_0235Bellingham Photographers_0236Bellingham Photographers_0237Bellingham Photographers_0238Bellingham Photographers_0239
Bellingham Photographers_0241
Bellingham Photographers_0243Bellingham Photographers_0244Bellingham Photographers_0245
Bellingham Photographers_0247Bellingham Photographers_0248Bellingham Photographers_0249Bellingham Photographers_0250Bellingham Photographers_0251Bellingham Photographers_0252Bellingham Photographers_0253Bellingham Photographers_0254Bellingham Photographers_0255Bellingham Photographers_0256Bellingham Photographers_0257Bellingham Photographers_0259Bellingham Photographers_0260Bellingham Photographers_0261Bellingham Photographers_0262Bellingham Photographers_0263Bellingham Photographers_0264Bellingham Photographers_0265Bellingham Photographers_0266Bellingham Photographers_0267Bellingham Photographers_0268Bellingham Photographers_0269Bellingham Photographers_0270Bellingham Photographers_0271Bellingham Photographers_0272Bellingham Photographers_0273Bellingham Photographers_0274Bellingham Photographers_0275Bellingham Photographers_0276Bellingham Photographers_0277Bellingham Photographers_0278Bellingham Photographers_0280

Bellingham Photographers_0283

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Bellingham Photographers_0304

Bellingham Photographers_0300Bellingham Photographers_0301Bellingham Photographers_0302Bellingham Photographers_0303